The Secret to Your Success can be Summed up in Three Simple Words... Grow, Share, Engage!

With Social Lead ...

  • You will easily GROW an audience of real, targeted people interested in residual income. (Most of our members see this happen within their first 24 hours of starting.)
  • You will painlessly SHARE with your prospects fun, valuable information around the clock totally hands-free. (And the great part is we give you an automated system to create awesome content as well.)
  • You will effortlessly ENGAGE with your prospects in a quick, easy and streamlined way to build trust and rapport... (This alone will save you hours and hours of work each week.)

Done the 'Ninja' way, magical things will happen for your business!

You created a monster and I don't know if you even know it. Social Lead Ninja is working miracles for me. I can barely keep up with the work. People are just beginning to leave comments on my website everyday and I don't know where these people are coming from... I feel like a ROCK STAR man! LOL!"
~ Anton Grantham

Step 1: GROW Your Targeted Followers

Everyone knows that the more people that you have exposure to, the more opportunities you will have to develop business relations with them. So your first step is going to be Growing your audience and...

The 'Ninja' makes it a snap help to grow a highly targeted audience via these 2 incredibly powerful time-saving tools:


The most proven, reliable and fastest way to organically increase your Followers...while simultaneously generating Traffic and Leads! Not only is SMARTBuilder faster, but we run all Followers through industrial-strength filters to get you the best quality, most qualified Followers possible...while discarding all the Bots and garbage.

Here is a partial list of other SMARTBuilder benefits:

  • We teach you the critical Twitter Bio Profile elements you need in place for success (miss just one of these and you might as well deactivate Twitter - you will not generate leads).
  • You will generate traffic, leads and exposure whether a person follows you back or not.
  • Numerous safety measures have been responsibly programmed into SmartBuilder to protect your Twitter account from getting suspended. We challenge you to find anyone else in the industry that goes to the same length and expense to protect you.
  • Before we display Followers we run them through industrial-strength filters to discard as many of the bots and tire-kickers as we can. This results in getting you the best quality, most active Followers possible!
  • Use our powerful Search feature to find (and remember) the Movers and Shakers in your niche and piggy-back on the vast following they have.
  • Quickly and and easily Unfollow all those people that never bother to follow you back - we always give the people you follow at least 7 days to follow you back and then add them at the back of the queue to be unfollowed.
  • Blacklist undesirable Twitter accounts with one-click of a mouse and they will never display in your results again.


(Optional Upgrade)

Watch your Twitter account grow totally hands-free - right before your eyes!

Everyone knows that time is money. That is why we developed SMARTFollow. This optional upgrade places the burden of gaining Followers on the shoulders of our team - not yours, targeting your specified niche and building your Followers for you.

What makes the SMARTFollow service such a potent marketing tool for you?

If you are a serious business owner then SMARTFollow is a game-changing service for you to achieve "HYPER" TWITTER growth on complete Auto-pilot!

You will:

  • Easily increase your Twitter followers daily.
  • Build a marketing asset - your targeted Twitter Following - that you own and control.
  • Generate targeted traffic- daily!

Our dedicated team will build your followers for you and do it 100% "Naturally" to be compliant with TWITTERS terms of service. We do all of this for less than 25 cents per day, per Twitter account. All you need to do is set the niche parameters and our TEAM will take care of all the rest.

Step 2: SHARE Valuable, Interesting Content

While (with the secrets we teach you) it is totally possible to generate leads and traffic just by the act of increasing your Twitter Followers... you must constantly and consistently SHARE valuable content that is informative, entertaining or inspirational to your audience.

You cannot BORE people into trusting you and eventually buying your stuff!

Luckily we have 2 brilliant tools to help make this as pain-free and streamlined as possible for you.


Built for busy marketers, SMARTPost is hands down the easiest and most efficient fully-automated Social Posting Tool on the market.

Unlike other scheduling products, we offer you a hassle free scheduling process! While your competitors are slaving over creating and posting content could quite literally schedule 6 months worth of posts for your business in a single afternoon!

Here are some features:

  • Instead of wasting precious time individually scheduling all your posts just click the days of the week you want to post (Mon - Sun), select the number of Tweets you want to post and set the posting time.
  • Depending on your User Level you can load up to 1,000 Tweet posts per Twitter Account you have added to your Social Profiles using our simple Drag & Drop interface.
  • As well as adding your own custom Tweets we have a ton of pre-loaded Tweets for you to use including quotes, one liners and interesting facts. Just drag the ones you like into the scheduling area and they are instantly ready to be used.
  • Create more Impact by Uploading unlimited image tweets - studies show that images get 84% more click-throughs on links than plain 'ol boring text-based posts.
  • Save even more time and create a Playlist of your Tweets (Saved lists of Tweets) and instantly use them with ALL your other Twitter Accounts.


With only a few clicks of your mouse, this one-of-a-kind tool enables you to curate niche specific YouTube video content to be scheduled and posted automatically on your Twitter feed, Facebook fan page or on LinkedIn.

What makes this truly unique is that the videos are framed in a fully customizable sales page, which we call a "Stage", that is totally branded to you, keeping your business at the forefront of your customer's minds.

Click Here to see a sample Stage and imagine your banners and site/capture page embedded there also.

These features will blow you away:

  • Uses a simple drag and drop interface with widgets to create your own custom Stage templates in minutes.
  • Instantly and easily add 3rd party lead capture forms
  • Add unlimited Banner Ads with a few mouse clicks and drag them to arrange.
  • Automatically embed your site or lead capture page directly into every Stage.
  • Instantly add a Facebook comment widget with 2 mouse clicks.
  • Add your own personal bio with your message and links to your Social Media, blog and website.
  • Instantly change your ads on the Campaign template and the ads will change on all the Stages you have out in the marketplace.
  • Instantly add your Twitter Feed
  • Create an ad that pauses the video and pops up a call to action to your prospects right inside the video window
  • Save massive time! - Using our proprietary Stage it button you can literally create and post content (Stages customized with your ads) while you are surfing Youtube videos. The process literally takes about 7 seconds per Stage.
  • Fully Automated Option Available! As a Premium user you will have 1,000 pieces of visually compelling content (Stages) created and posted for you (33 per day) around the clock - ON TOTAL AUTO-PILOT!
  • Stages are colorful and really make YOU stand out in your Twitter Feeds. Our technology automatically posts your Staged content with the Youtube cover image to increase your visibility and engagement.
  • SMARTTag technology. We automatically add powerful Hash Tags to every Stage posted to get you in front of the eyeballs of your most targeted prospects - this feature alone can give you up to 50% more traffic!
  • Social Share Buttons - Stages can be posted on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+... in fact all Social Media, Forums etc that allow you to post links...for even more traffic, branding and exposure...

Step 3: ENGAGE With Your Audience

Of course no Social Media-based lead generation strategy would be complete without a powerful productivity tool to streamline your engagement with your Followers who have shown an interest in you and your content.

Once again the 'Ninja' has you covered with...


Save time and never miss an important prospect or customer engagement ever again!

The magic behind the SMARTFeed inbox is that it brings all your Twitter Mentions, Retweets, Direct Messages and New Follower notifications from ALL your Twitter profiles into a single, central stream inside Social Lead Ninja. From there you can engage and respond from one central interface.

Check out these features:

  • Powerful Filtering! Only want to see the Mentions from 2 specific Twitter Accounts so that you can easily reply? No problem. Just check the boxes beside those 2 Twitter Accounts and check Mentions.
  • Stay Organized! As soon as you reply, or decide to ignore just click the 'complete' button and that Tweet notification disappears from the screen and the next one rolls up.
  • Like, Retweet and reply directly from the SMARTFeed interface! No need to log in and out of multiple Twitter accounts to manage the engagement.
  • Follow the person directly from SMARTFeed. Did you get a Mention from someone you haven't followed yet and want to? Just click the Follow icon and it is instantly done.

The best way to find out if Social Lead is right for you is to try it RISK-FREE!

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